Branding, Illustration & Apparel Design

A brand isn't just a color palette and logo. A brand is developed and maintained through photography, illustration, iconography, social media and all of the marketing material that comes along with it. I believe the success of a brand lies in the details and love doing the research and iteration necessary to make it beautiful, consistent, and stand out among the rest. I have experience with everything from custom typefaces, hand-drawn illustrations and print collateral to photo-editing/styling, textile design and social media management. 


While working on the the Selling Design team at Ebay, I decided that our team needed to step up our game. We needed a logo and some new collateral to set our team and our work apart (bonus: get some new swag). So, I created multiple logo options using our brand's new typeface and color palette and let the team vote! We decided on these 2 logos which I then used to create a standardized, scalable deck template for our team to use in design reviews, as well as some swag.

Ebay Selling Design Logo.png
Ebay Selling Design Logo 2.png
Ebay Selling Design Tshirt.png
Ebay Selling Design Sweatshirt.png

Under Armour sent a Ragnar Relay team comprised of MyFitnessPal athletes to run 200 miles from San Francisco to Napa, CA and needed some swag for their journey. I designed both long sleeve and short sleeve jersey's as well as a magnet to promote the event. Because MyFitnessPal's focus is nutrition and Ragnar is a notoriously festive event, we wanted the logos to be fun and food focused. 


MyFitnessPal needed an updated illustration style for everything from their in-app icons and illustrations to clothing promoting new products and events. I helped them define a simple yet elegant style and created illustrations for their hero cards, empty states, premium features and restaurant logging t-shirts.


World famous sports needed a textile graphic for a new snowboarding jacket they were producing and asked me to be their featured designer. I created a graphic called "bamboo" for the jacket and worked with the manufacturers in China to color match, scale and proof the pattern that ended up being produced and released in two colors.