responsive design

From marketing sites to online stores to data and feature heavy apps, every product should look beautiful and work seamlessly on all devices.

ios & android apps

A custom, mobile centric and platform specific experience is crucial for both iOS and Android users. I use and design for both daily.


illustration & branding

My heart and soul lie in drawing custom illustrations, creating unique icons, and bringing companies to life through branding and marketing.

Design is ingrained in everything. That’s why I love my job and believe my responsibility as a designer is to make things that look beautiful, work seamlessly, and change people’s lives for the better.


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest with a printmaking mother and woodworking father has influenced not only my style, but also my mentality about art and design. For as long as I can remember I have been experimenting with all types of mediums and materials in the beautiful, green Northwest. I learned how to use power tools in my father's wood shop instead of going to daycare, how to sew clothes for my barbies instead of playing with them, and perfecting my own, hand-drawn typefaces instead of using the fonts supplied to me. I have found that the appreciation for natural beauty, an active lifestyle, and do-it-yourself attitude that I grew up around has manifested itself in the style of my work and my outlook on design. I am constantly inspired by nature, building, and anything related to outdoor sports and fitness.

Although I grew up working mostly with my hands (drawing, screen printing, painting, building, sewing, etc.) I have since moved into the digital world and have fallen in love with combining new technology with artistic composition. I find that the best design is clean and intuitive, but the most interesting design is beautiful and unique. I am fascinated with contrast, obsessed with pairing opposites, and enjoy the mix of masculine and feminine, delicate and bold, old and new. My fascination with technology and it's ability to improve lives pushes me to stay on the cutting edge of my trade, while my affection for old materials and hand-drawn fonts influences my style. With conservation, simplicity, and ease of use as ever-present goals, I hope to blend an artistic craft with new technology to create interesting, user-friendly, and unique work that makes people's lives better, easier and more beautiful. 


interactive media award

The Grace Wilsey Foundation site won the Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement in Charity on 8/4/14



The Restaurant Logging Feature I designed for MyFitnessPal was featured on Tech Crunch on 1/6/16

featured on DRIBBLE

My wireframes for Union & Fifth were featured on Dribbble's Weekly Replay for Good Design on 9/15/14



Panera partnered with MyFitnessPal to promote the Restaurant Logging feature I designed in 1/16

Hannah, you have such an incredible way of bringing people from opposite sides together, your problem solving skills are among the best I have been around, and your esthetic is beautiful. Thank you for your hard work and best effort always.
— Christena Reinhard, Union & Fifth